Areas of Personal Growth



Trust grows from commitment. Without commitment, there can be no trust. In leadership, trust is the  breath of life which allows passion to grow. Trust is also a measure of reliance. This is often reflected in how we talk about trust.  How far would you trust someone or how much do you trust something, these examples are common ways of referring to trust in its context as a measure.


Commitment is value in action. Commitment is a demonstration of the choice you have made to achieve a goal. With respect to leadership, I view commitment as "consistent action in accordance with a standard".



Confidence blooms from trust in yourself. Your confidence is the result of your commitment to a goal and is created by the trust you have in your ability to see your commitment through to completion.


Respect is made up of two parts, acknowledgment and acceptance. Acknowledging those around you supercharges your ability to create change in your life. By accepting the thoughts and feelings of those around you and responding to them appropriately, you give yourself the power to change.